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When buying commercial business electricity you want the best most competitive price in the market, it’s really important as electricity prices are 3 to 4 times more costly than gas.

Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, any new equipment or careless employees can have an effect on your electricity bill and profit margin.

To get a commercial business electricity contract is challenging but, our team at Rebell Utilities will establish what you want from your contract and approach the right electricity supplier that ticks all the boxes for your business. To do this you need someone who knows the electricity market, Rebell Utilities do, that’s why you should contact us today.

Commercial business contracts are similar to negotiating gas supplier contracts but, with the cost of electricity being 3 to 4 times more expensive you have to be careful as the wrong type of contract could be expensive. Rebell Utilities manage the commercial business electricity contracts of employers throughout the UK.

We manage small, medium and large employers across many sectors and although we are fully independent and not tied to any commercial electricity supplier, we know the market so well, that we know the best type of electricity supplier to fit a company’s profile and needs.

Choosing the right commercial business electricity supplier for your business is important, we identify the suppliers for businesses who specialise for businesses with poor credit levels, we also know the right suppliers for pubs, restaurants etc.

So if you want to in a smart way, to find the best, top commercial electric contract for your business get in touch today.

  • An experienced utility team with a proven track record of saving businesses money on their electricity contracts terms.
  • Full independent, whole of market consultancy.
  • Help and support to identify your needs and sort the best contract that ticks all your boxes.
  • Free Electricity billing service to check your being charged in line with your electricity contracts.
  • Planned termination and renewal strategy, it’s not always about switching supplier, sometimes it’s best to stay with your current, as you have history and credit facilities with them already.
  • Transfer and renegotiation of your electricity contract, if you change premises or you have a change of ownership.

Get in touch with Rebell Utilities today for the best product, service and price that’s right for you and your business.

  • A range of purchasing options for your business on gas, electricity, water & telecoms.
  • Wholesale power purchasing.
  • Free smart meters.
  • Bill checking service.
  • Energy efficiency checks.
  • Grant availability.
  • EPC compliance.
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