We are independent utility consultants, always working on your behalf.

Leading Suppliers

  • Formed in 2007, head office in Ormskirk, Lancashire.
  • Independent Management Consultancy for Gas, Electricity, Water and Telecoms
  • We offer a no obligation and impartial service to businesses throughout the UK
  • We have access to the whole Utility market and their specialist pricing teams to secure the best Utility deal for your business

We offer gas, electric, water and telecom contracts from all suppliers flexible to your business needs.

Our Products & Services

  • Manage Gas, Electricity, Water and Telecom accounts of small, medium and large businesses, both single and multi-site operations.
  • We don’t use comparison sites, all quotes are bespoke to you and your business situation.
  • Opt you out of automatic renewal, preventing a potential 30%/40% cost increase for your business.
  • Offer you bespoke, competitive and flexible contracts, some of which can protect you from price rises for the next 5 years.
  • Access to wholesale market prices.
  • Multiple contracts can be aligned to have the same end date, makes it easier to negotiate at renewal stage, gives you more buying power.
  • Advanced purchasing even if you are in contract.
  • Change of Tenancy contracts if you are moving premises.
  • Access to Green Energy/Clean Electricity, this may result in your business paying less or zero CCL (Climate Change Levy) plus you get a certificate to display which demonstrates your contribution to the environment.
  • Dedicated Account Manager to manage and renew your contract each year plus to ensure you are being billed in line with our current contract terms.
  • Free Smart Meters resulting in real time billing, no estimates.
  • Annual Utility health checks to ensure you are getting the most value/efficiency from your Utility contracts.

A range of purchasing options for your business on gas, electricity, water & telecoms.

We have access to whole of the wholesale and retail markets to ensure all of our contracts are the most competitive the market has to offer.

Free smart meters.

We can arrange free smart meters which can save you a further 12%, records real time usage, no estimates, tells you how best to use your energy.

Bill checking service.

Bill checking to ensure you are being charged in line with your contract terms, more than three million customers overcharged in the last year.

Utility health checks.

Utility Health Checks ensure you are getting the most value from your energy and water contracts, reducing your energy consumption and lowering your carbon footprint
  • A range of purchasing options for your business on gas, electricity, water & telecoms.
  • Wholesale power purchasing.
  • Free smart meters.
  • Bill checking service.
  • Energy efficiency checks.
  • Grant availability.
  • EPC compliance.
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    Real savings we have achieved

    Industry Facts

    • Over the past 10 years, Energy prices have increased by 218% (Gas) and 77% (Electricity).
    • Decrease in Utility costs can represent the same impact to many businesses bottom line as a 5% increase in sales.
    • 57% of businesses now use an independent consultancy to find a more competitive deal.
    • 81% of businesses are happy with the service Independent Consultancies provide.
      75% of businesses never check their utility bills.